Consistency wins races // RAW // SHRIKE

24 Apr , 2016  

Spent today working on consistency, just constant laps, make sure can just put a whole battery into a track, 1 go at a time no crashing. If your not in the air you can’t win a race, alot of people have done well in the last year from just staying in the air, now its […]


When it clicks… // Shrike

18 Apr , 2016  

********************************************************************* Checkout these links: ********************************************************************* Another weekend another bit of fun in a field with the mini quads. Finally getting the feel for the shrike. Well I was that day until last battery of the day and I decided to run it into a tree. Check my Instagram for pics of […]


Throttle control is key // Shrike // Rotor-Racing @ LHC

10 Apr , 2016  

********************************************************************* Checkout these links: ********************************************************************* This was my first meet on the Shrike, I’ve not posted any videos on it just yet, wanted to get used to the setup before I did any big meets on it. Still getting used to it as you can see, had some dodgy video problems […]


Motor full of horse sh*t and hair

4 Apr , 2016  

********************************************************************* Click these links: ********************************************************************* This was my final I think it was the 3rd final, I had been having problems for the last 2/3 weeks with the 180 giving me blurry image, I knew the camera was fine but couldn’t work out what was causing it, well I found out on […]


Wing Maiden Day // Hornet

26 Mar , 2016  

Got my new Flying wings hornet built and maiden’d. This was my first day flying fixed wings ever. Many thanks for Tony for trimming it all in and launching for me 🙂


First proper day of Spring

13 Mar , 2016  

Felt great to finally get out of the woods, and get a proper outdoor track built. Everyone has gotten heaps better from the woods and it really showed, was some great battles. Spec is as follows: TSX220 Frame RCX 2205-2350 Little bees – BLHeli 14.4 Naze32 Rev6 – Betaflight 2.3.5 Ubad 200mw VTX HS1177 X4RSB […]


First FPV race of 2016

28 Feb , 2016  

First race of the year. Indoor 8 man racing hosted by Rotor racing. Sorry for the DVR Quality. Had a great day, first 2 heats put me in 1st for my group. Then went a little downhill. Finished 3rd in my Final in the end, which I’m happy about. I went in wanting to have […]


Arm Breaker

7 Feb , 2016  

Had a few batteries charged, headed out, when I got to the local field the wind really started to creep in. Made for interesting flight. Its been probably 2 months since I flew in an open enough area to actually try some acro. Last time I tried to go inverted I ended up killing the […]


Burn the trees

4 Feb , 2016   Video