Testing for 2018.

8 Mar , 2018  

Getting back in the flow of flying, and testing new setups going into 2018, if people want I can start to explain my choices when we get to the stage I’m happy with it, 6s testing coming soon. Check out our team: And our sponsors: Setup: Prototype frame Brother Hobby Returner R5 […]


Back to the woods

1 Mar , 2018  

Cracking session at the woods with all of the lads, the woods is the perfect place to shake out the cobwebs, still a long way to go to feel good on the quad again but its getting better. Check out our team: And our sponsors: Setup: TSX200 Tmotor F40 2400kv TBS Bulletproof […]


6 weeks off the sticks, time to get back to training

24 Jan , 2018  

I decided to have a break from flying over the Christmas break to be refreshed for the 2018 season, this is my first day back on the sticks after 6 weeks. Few setup changes to get used to be, but consistency was still there – now time to get the speed back. Check out our […]


KCL ’17 – The Grand Final

16 Oct , 2017  

Here is one of my better runs from the days racing, I had a terrible day, there is something about indoor racing and me that just really affects my flying. I got extremely lucky in my races, and ended up bringing home the 3rd place – which I’m extremely surprised about with so many other […]


The Final Chance Do Or Die – 3D Champs 2017

18 Sep , 2017  

This is my final Qualifying Run, I had to make 8 laps to get into the A final, and I finally managed to do it. I ended up finishing 4th in the finals which was a great result with Smoky taking 1st. Check our my team: Big thanks to my sponsors – check them […]


Golden Hour Insomnia Warm up

24 Aug , 2017  

After fitting F60 pros and flashing to the latest raceflight one, I needed to get some stick time before Insomnia + KCL race weekend. The flying ins’t great, but the lighting on this video ment I had to upload it. Some of the gates were not visible when flying due to the sun, mainly the […]


Kwad Club QE at Popham

4 Aug , 2017  

The day after KCL Stage 2, we had a QE for UK nationals at Popham, I flew not bad and narrowly missed out on the A final. I had a few video issues mainly towards the high gate, but I got through it.


BMFA Gogglefest 2017

31 Jul , 2017  

BMFA recently got themselves a HQ with some fields for every member to enjoy, they setup a funfly day with a track. We went down to take a look and it was a great day, with some close flying.


KCL Round 3 – Thriller in Manila

18 Jul , 2017  

Another good KCL event. It was a hard day, I had terrible video issues through all of practise which made it really hard to learn the track properly. Luckily flying safe was enough to get me through, this run was from the playoff which got me into the grand final. Which I ended up finishing […]


Ritewing Mini Drak Maiden

25 Jun , 2017  

So I picked up a mini drak at the start of the month and got it finished this weekend. After a nightmare with crossfire randomly failsafe’ing I got the diversity out of the mini talon and got it in the air.