Going into 2017 in HD // Connex testing // RaceFlight Revolt

26 Nov , 2016  

Just got my Connex setup ready for next weekends UKDS, tests it all out, so far looking really good. The Stretch X frame is interesting, feels ultra fast and locked in the straights. The connex is amazing, a real game changer in quality of video. The Stock antenna is poop and lasted 3 packs before […]


Tiny Whoop Racing

17 Nov , 2016  

A spot of tiny whoop racing one rainy weekend. Was a great laugh. About half way through packs start to sag and makes cornering a nightmare. Music: Title: Sweat (Bixel Boys Remix) by Karma Fields from Sweat iTunes Download Link: Click here Video Link: Click here Listen on Spotify: Click here


Rare UK Winter Sun

13 Nov , 2016  

With it getting colder and wetter in the UK, we got some rare winter sun. So we got the track layed out and did some awesome flying all day. Spec: TSX200 ZMX V3 2206 2300 Aikon 30A blheli_s Revo with Raceflight BB243 Unify Pro Race HS1177 Title: Frame of Mind by Tristam & Braken from […]