Consistency wins races // RAW // SHRIKE

24 Apr , 2016  

Spent today working on consistency, just constant laps, make sure can just put a whole battery into a track, 1 go at a time no crashing. If your not in the air you can’t win a race, alot of people have done well in the last year from just staying in the air, now its […]


When it clicks… // Shrike

18 Apr , 2016  

********************************************************************* Checkout these links: ********************************************************************* Another weekend another bit of fun in a field with the mini quads. Finally getting the feel for the shrike. Well I was that day until last battery of the day and I decided to run it into a tree. Check my Instagram for pics of […]


Throttle control is key // Shrike // Rotor-Racing @ LHC

10 Apr , 2016  

********************************************************************* Checkout these links: ********************************************************************* This was my first meet on the Shrike, I’ve not posted any videos on it just yet, wanted to get used to the setup before I did any big meets on it. Still getting used to it as you can see, had some dodgy video problems […]


Motor full of horse sh*t and hair

4 Apr , 2016  

********************************************************************* Click these links: ********************************************************************* This was my final I think it was the 3rd final, I had been having problems for the last 2/3 weeks with the 180 giving me blurry image, I knew the camera was fine but couldn’t work out what was causing it, well I found out on […]