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Formula FPV 2016 event – Part 1 – the Simulator!!!

9 Mar , 2016  

If you haven’t already seen it, where have you been?

Following on from last years highly successful Formula FPV race. The team are back ready to do the event again this year. This time with a spin.

For 3 weeks from March 7th to March 28th, you will be able to run the Formula FPV track within a simulator – this will be the same track we race on in a few months time!

This simulator is done by VMach Media Ltd who specify in high end simulators for the corporate marine and aviation sector.

The cost of the sim is being covered by Formula FPV during the event – until close on the 28th, after this time the sim will be available to buy for anyone that wishes to do so – more tracks will be added in the future including ones from the UK FPV racing scene.

Sounds great right? So here how to get access:

Registration is done here:

Register there and you will get an email with 2 download links and your personal action code!

Install the game, and insert your activation code and email address in the game on first load. And your set!

The cost of the Sim is covered during the event – until close on the 28th, after this time the sim will be available to buy for anyone that wishes to do so – more tracks will be added in the future including ones from the UK FPV racing scene.

Why should I take part in this Sim and not just wait for the race weekender?

The top pilots in the Pro and Sports groups in week 3 (week starting the 21st) will be invited to the event to race in the category they entered in the simulator. There will be a leader board reset on the 20th March at Midnight GMT. If you will be entering the event in the Pro category, then do the sim in the Advanced/Pro Quad. Same for Sport/Trainer. There are no invites for the custom category.

Throughout the other weeks there will be random small awards (possibly free stuff!) awarded to random pilots in all categories. These will be selected randomly from the leader boards.

All awards and invites will be done after the event. And you will be contacted on your registered email address.

All info on these awards/invites will be subject to change and will be posted on the Formula FPV facebook page @

Taranis controllers work great with this sim, heres how to get that to work:

You need to just create a basic model. Nothing more. Plug in your USB with your Taranis turned on and it will appear in ‘Devices and Printers’

One that is connected load up the sim. Scroll 2 selections to the left and change the controller to Taranis. You should now be able to use your Pinch and Roll to control the menu system!

One word of note, this isn’t like other sims you need to arm your quad in this one! So trottle to bottom and yaw to the right to arm before taking off.

Other controllers and TXs will work. There are plenty of guides online on how to get them to work with simulators. SmartPropoPlus is a great tool of those of you with X9s ect that use a a 3.5mm trainer socket.

Where is the mac/Linux version?

Because PC master race of course.

No in all honesty we have been told these are in the pipeline, but not currently available. Windows has the greater % of users and is always the main focus for all software Devs, Mac and Linux ports happen later. This is no different.

If you are on a mac the game works great in Parallels or Bootcamp installed windows. I know this againest all mighty code of Apple fanboys, but sometimes programs arn’t ported across so you need compatibility.

Linux users can use WINE to run this fine.

These have been reports of both solutions working great.

What do the different quads in the sim mean?

There are 3 quad types in the game currrently and they relate to classes in racing.

Advanced = This is your ‘Pro’ category at races.
Trainer = This is your ‘Sport’ category at races.
Custom = This class means nothing, this is just set what ever you want and go fly. This doesn’t correlate to any racing category.

I see no timer how do I get a time?

Your times are only recorded only after you complete 3 laps. I have asked the developer in the forums to add a timer at all times but nothing yet. Once you have completed 3 laps your time will appear on the screen and be automatically entered into the leader board.

How do I check the leader board?

Well click this link straight through to the leader board  – this is updated in real time:

For all the latest info from Formula FPV check out there facebook page @

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