First Sun of Spring

26 Mar , 2017  

4th day of Spring and we got a stunning day to fly, was a little windy, but that didn’t stop us getting all the stuff out and creating a really run track. The Forza Tunnel of love was interesting but soon got it dialled.


Iseries 2017 Race 1 Prerace track walk

12 Mar , 2017  

Had a check walk of the track and look at the track being built for the Iseries 2017 race 1


UKDS Racing Test day // Connex

10 Mar , 2017  

Got invited down for a test day the day before the official opening to rip some packs.


Popham Ripping //Kwad Club // TSX200 // RaceFlightOne

5 Mar , 2017  

Had a great day at Popham, got the new race setup out and tested. Need to get used to running a gopro for the KCL league this year as my throttle control really sucks with it currently, but RFone rocks – this is stock everything put in my rates and it feels nearly perfect.