Going into 2017 in HD // Connex testing // RaceFlight Revolt

26 Nov , 2016  

Just got my Connex setup ready for next weekends UKDS, tests it all out, so far looking really good. The Stretch X frame is interesting, feels ultra fast and locked in the straights.

The connex is amazing, a real game changer in quality of video. The Stock antenna is poop and lasted 3 packs before snapping, taping antennas to the frame is the best option.

Cinemizers on loan from UKDS/Cinemizer EU, they are amazing, I swapped and changed to my Fatshark HD2 and the quality difference is amazing.

Prototype Stretch X connex frame – Code name BeardHD220
RaceFlight Revolt running BB400
ZMX Fusion 2206 2300
TBS 25A bullet proofs
Connex HD VTX, Camera ect

Ground station:
Connex RX
Avermedia Live gamer portable for recording

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