Delta Hawks July 2016 // UK Nats qualifier #1 // Shrike

3 Jul , 2016  

Not the best days racing, track was to long, it was a battery killer, the last lap in this video is me sagging to hell and video starting to break up.

Bring back tight challenging tracks, this takes no skill to go fast.

After first 2 heats I was 4th. 3rd heat did 1 lap then a lack of concentration caused me to crash, 4th heat had a 3 man crash on the first corner.

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Setup used:
X-Labs Shrike with custom top plate for Go Pro mounting
EMAX Red Bums RS2205 2300KV
HQ Durables 5×4.6×3
Kiss FC
Kiss 24A escs
FX799 25mw vtx
HS1177 with 2.5mm go pro lens.
GoPro Hero4 Silver with ExoPro case and cheap £3 lens protector

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