Motor full of horse sh*t and hair

4 Apr , 2016  

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This was my final I think it was the 3rd final, I had been having problems for the last 2/3 weeks with the 180 giving me blurry image, I knew the camera was fine but couldn’t work out what was causing it, well I found out on the 5th lap. I was in the lead too. This is probably one of my best flights at a race event. One of my motors came lose and was vibrating, I checked them all a few days ago too. This time as I went around the far flag, it decided it didn’t like being attached anymore…..

Many thanks for Tim and Matt for running the event, rocky start, but solid finish. Look forward to the next one gents!

Armattan F1-4B 3mm frame
DYS 1806-2700kv
Little Bee 20A esc running BLHeli 14.3
Naze Rev6 running Betaflight 2.1.6
FX799 25mW VTX
Aomway Antenna
DAL 4045 BN

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