Arm Breaker

7 Feb , 2016  

Had a few batteries charged, headed out, when I got to the local field the wind really started to creep in. Made for interesting flight.

Its been probably 2 months since I flew in an open enough area to actually try some acro. Last time I tried to go inverted I ended up killing the quad completely.

Big Thanks to Neil @ for his support and supplying me with some DAL 5045BN Tris, they area amazing props and in the crash I broke arm no props were damaged.

Spec is as follows:
TSX220 Frame
RCX 2205-2350
Little bees – BLHeli 14.1
Naze32 Rev6 – Betaflight
Ubad 200mw VTX
DAL 5045 Tri BN
1300mah 4s Drone labs

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