HS1177 and PZ0240 Camera Settings for day flying

28 Jan , 2016  

These amazing cameras come out the box pretty well configured. But they come a little dull and not very quick to adapt to lighting changes which when flying around trees this can cause problems to you as the pilot.

A few months ago I came across a post on a forums with some settings and these were the best settings the guy could get out of the camera. I have since been flying with these settings and have to agree for day flying – night is another story.

The settings are as follows:

Len: Manual

Shutter: Auto
Brightness: 065
Level: 063
Whire Bal: ATW1
Backlight: OFF
Day & Night: Auto (I actually like to keep this to Color -Sj)
D->N Level: 080
D->N Delay: 3 sec
N->D Level: 032
N->D Delay: 1 sec
DPC: Dead Pixle Correction: Just ignore this setting
Cam Title: OFF
Motion: OFF
Privacy: OFF
Park. Line: OFF
Image Adj:
Lens Shad: OFF
Mirror: OFF
Font Color: Just ignore this setting
Contrast: 090
Sharpness: 031
Display: USER
Gamma: 0.55
PED Level: 023
Color Gain: 245

Many thanks to JoeSa for these settings.

Let me know how you get on and what you think to these. I will try and get some recommended night flying settings soon.

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