TSX220 Maiden and stuck in a tree

22 Nov , 2015   Video

I was lucky enough to get a one of the first prototypes of the TSX frames. This is one of the first 220/5″ versions. Super impressed with the frame, top quality and super light. My build is only 317g with no battery and Yi, the Thug is 50-100g heavier with the same level of parts!

Frames should be available early December! For more info check out:

Spec is as follows:
TSX220 Frame
RCX 2205-2350
Little bees – BLHeli 14.1
Naze32 Rev6 – Betaflight
Ubad 200mw VTX
DAL 5045BN and HQ 5x4x3
1300mah 4s Drone labs

And yes it was stuck in a free for 30minutes or so, that was my 2nd battery of the day….

Music on licence from:

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