Chasing and racing between trees

4 Oct , 2015   Video

After a nightmare day at Rotor racing yesterday (lost my SD card so no footage). I came to the golf course for a chill day, but as per usual we ended up racing.

On board is really bad quality, my Yi has decided to go out of focus. I’ll get that sorted for next weeks video.

THuG220 –
Rotorgeeks 20A –
Cobra 2204 2300 –
GemFan 5045 Bullnose
SeriouslyPro Racing F3 –
Boris B BetaFlight – Lux Float – 28-Sept-2015 –
UBAD 200mw VTX –
FrSky X4RSB –
RunCam PZ0420M –
XiaoMi Yi –

Music on licence from:

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