BetaFlight test on stock PIDS

28 Sep , 2015   Video

After killing an SPRacing F3 board yesterday, I installed a new one today and took it for a quick test in the local park to check how it flew.

I changed no PIDs from stock betaflight luxfloat. I did up my rates slightly to how I like them. Pretty impressed with this latest hex, flies amazing straight out of the box. Boris and his testers have done an amazing job.

This was my first blackbox logging as I wanted to see how smooth the new hex was and its mad. PIDs probably need a little tuning to get the most out of this.

THuG220 –
Rotorgeeks 20A –
Cobra 2204 2300 –
GemFan 5045 Bullnose
SeriouslyPro Racing F3 –
Boris B BetaFlight – Lux Float – 28-Sept-2015 –
UBAD 200mw VTX –
FrSky X4RSB –
RunCam PZ0420M –
XiaoMi Yi –

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