Chasing the ImmersionRC Vortex

20 Sep , 2015   Video

Another weekend meet with the lads up the golf course. Built a track to get in some laps practise for the up and coming races soon. Ended up getting a bit close to Jamie’s Vortex a few times – didn’t hit it though.

Jamie’s channel:

THuG220 –
Rotorgeeks 20A –
Cobra 2204 2300 –
GemFan 5045 Bullnose
SeriouslyPro Racing F3 –
Boris B BetaFlight 1.10 – Lux Float –
UBAD 200mw VTX –
FrSky X4RSB –
RunCam PZ0420M –
XiaoMi Yi –

Music on licence from:

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